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International publications - 2018 02-01-2019

No. Researchers Papers's title Year Journal
1 Ngo T.H., Tran N.D.K., Wang D.-A. Design of a Bistable Mechanism for Symmetric Force Output 2018 Proceedings 2018 4th International Conference on Green Technology and Sustainable Development, GTSD 2018
2 Nam P.M., Van Ca P., Tuan P.V., Trung Duy T., Quoc Bao V.N. Security versus Reliability Study for Multi-hop Cognitive M2M Networks with Joint Impact of Interference Constraint and Hardware Noises 2018 International Conference on Advanced Technologies for Communications
3 Tran T.-N., Do D.-T., Voznak M. On outage probability and throughput performance of cognitive radio inspired NOMA relay system 2018 Advances in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
4 Tran H.T., Truong P.V., Phan T.M. Preparation bio-lubricant from Catfishfat 2018 ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences
5 Tin P.T., Minh T.H.Q., Nhan N.H.K., Lee H.-Y., Trang T.T. Green-emitting CaF 2 :Ce 3+ ,Tb 3+ phosphor: Selection for improving luminous flux and color quality of conformal geometry white LED lamps 2018 Materials Science- Poland
6 Viet N.X., Thuy D.T.T., Phu L.S., Nhu N.H., Hoa N.T., Do D.-T., Voznak M. Secure performance analysis of adaptive energy harvesting enabled relaying networks 2018 Journal of Engineering Science and Technology
7 Nguyen H.-Q., Pham T.-T., Vo V., Vo B., Quan T.-T. The predictive modeling for learning student results based on sequential rules 2018 International Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and Control
8 Koide R.T., Nguyen B.T., Howard Skinner R., Dell C.J., Adler P.R., Drohan P.J., Licht M., Matthews M.B., Nettles R., Ricks K., Watkins J. Comparing Biochar Application Methods for Switchgrass Yield and C Sequestration on Contrasting Marginal Lands in Pennsylvania, USA 2018 Bioenergy Research
9 Nguyen N.V., Nguyen H.X., Lee S., Nguyen-Xuan H. Geometrically nonlinear polygonal finite element analysis of functionally graded porous plates 2018 Advances in Engineering Software
10 Nguyen C.H., Fu C.-C., Juang R.-S. Degradation of methylene blue and methyl orange by palladium-doped TiO2 photocatalysis for water reuse: Efficiency and degradation pathways 2018 Journal of Cleaner Production
11 Trinh P.T.N., Quynh N.T.T., Tri M.D., Minh P.N., Thuy N.T.L., Truong L.H., Tuan N.N., Dung L.T. New cerebroside and chondrocyte proliferation activity of Caryota mitis L. 2018 Natural Product Research
12 Le N.T.P., Tran N.H., Tran T.N. Modified Patterson temperature jump condition considering viscous heat generation 2018 International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer
13 Nguyen A.N., Disconzi E., Charrière G.M., Destoumieux-Garzón D., Bouloc P., Le Roux F., Jacq A. csrB gene duplication drives the evolution of redundant regulatory pathways controlling expression of the major toxic secreted metalloproteases in Vibrio tasmaniensis LGP32 2018 mSphere
14 Nguyen L.P.L., Szabó G., Hitka G., Zsom T., Tóth A., Németh C., Kókai Z. Effect of ethylene absorber on banana during storage 2018 Acta Horticulturae
15 Thanh N.T., Tuan N.N., Kuo P.-C., Dung D.M., Phuong D.L., Giang D.T.T., Wu T.-S., Thang T.D. Chemical constituents from the fruiting bodies of Phellinus igniarius 2018 Natural Product Research
16 Do D.-T., Le C.-B. Application of NOMA in wireless system with wireless power transfer scheme: Outage and ergodic capacity performance analysis 2018 Sensors (Switzerland)
17 Nguyen B.T., Trinh N.N., Le C.M.T., Nguyen T.T., Tran T.V., Thai B.V., Le T.V. The interactive effects of biochar and cow manure on rice growth and selected properties of salt-affected soil 2018 Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science
18 Maia D.S. The effect of cellulase, microwave and ultrasonic methods on crude polysaccharides extraction from the spore of Vietnamese lingzhi (Ganoderma lucidum) 2018 Acta Horticulturae
19 Dama S.-M., Vo T.-A. Optimising polysaccharide extraction from the spore of Vietnamese lingzhi (Ganoderma lucidum) via enzymatic method 2018 Acta Horticulturae
20 Dam S.M., Ngo K.S. Effect of the extraction from the seed, skin and leaf of Annona squamosa L. On the storage of Musa acuminate fruit 2018 Acta Horticulturae
21 Dam S.M., Le D.A. The study on consumer acceptance for instant coffee in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 2018 Acta Horticulturae
22 Vu L.D., Lap P.T., Van Tan L. Development and validation of an analytical method for quantitative determination of benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylenes in ambient air 2018 Rasayan Journal of Chemistry
23 Thuyen C.M. Improved p-q harmonic detection method for hybrid active power filter 2018 International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering
24 Tin P.T., Khanh Nhan N.H., Tran M., Trang T.T., Nguyen T.N., Voznak M. Co-doping red-emitting Sr 2 Si 5 N 8 :Eu 2+ into yellow-emitting phosphor-packaging for enhancing the optical properties of the 8500 K remote-phosphor packaging wleds 2018 Digest Journal of Nanomaterials and Biostructures
25 Tran M.L., Fu C.-C., Juang R.-S. Removal of metronidazole by TiO2 and ZnO photocatalysis: a comprehensive comparison of process optimization and transformation products 2018 Environmental Science and Pollution Research
26 Anh H.P.H., Son N.N., Van Kien C., Ho-Huu V. Parameter identification using adaptive differential evolution algorithm applied to robust control of uncertain nonlinear systems 2018 Applied Soft Computing Journal
27 Thi Mai Tho N., The Huy B., Nha Khanh D.N., Quoc Thang N., Thi Phuong Dieu N., Dai Duong B., Thi Kim Phuong N. Mechanism of Visible-Light Photocatalytic Mineralization of Indigo Carmine Using ZnBi2O4-Bi2S3 Composites 2018 ChemistrySelect
28 Do D.-T. Exact outage performance of power beacon assisted non-orthogonal multiple access networks 2018 Journal of Communications
29 Thuyen C.M. A new approach in design for hybrid active power filter 2018 ICIC Express Letters
30 Le V.D., Li X., Li P., Le C.Q. A novel approach for determining optimal number and placement of static var compensator device to enhance the dynamic performance in power systems 2018 Electrical Engineering
31 Le C.M.Q., Cao X.T., Tu T.T.K., Lee W.-K., Lim K.T. Facile covalent functionalization of carbon nanotubes via Diels-Alder reaction in deep eutectic solvents 2018 Applied Surface Science
32 Le C.M.Q., Cao X.T., Jeong Y.T., Lim K.T. Covalent functionalization of multi-walled carbon nanotubes with imidazolium-based poly(ionic liquid)s by Diels–Alder “click” reaction 2018 Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry
33 Tan L.N. Distributed H∞ Optimal Tracking Control for Strict-Feedback Nonlinear Large-Scale Systems With Disturbances and Saturating Actuators 2018 IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems
34 Do D.-T. Investigation on tradeoff between hardware noise and outage performance in cooperative NOMA 2018 Journal of Communications
35 Thu T.D.T., Nguyen Q., Do D.-T. Full-duplex df optimal relay selection networks: Secure performance analysis 2018 JP Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer
36 Truong V.H., Liu J., Meng X., Jiang C., Nguyen T.T. Uncertainty Analysis on Vehicle-Bridge System with Correlative Interval Variables Based on Multidimensional Parallelepiped Model 2018 International Journal of Computational Methods
37 Dang H.-P., Nguyen N.-L., Nguyen M.-S.V., Nguyen T.-T.T., Do D.-T., Voznak M. Cooperative noma for downlink D2d with best relay selection: Outage performance analysis 2018 JP Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer
38 Le C.M.Q., Cao X.T., Tu T.T.K., Gal Y.-S., Lim K.T. Facile approach to prepare pH and redox-responsive nanogels via Diels-Alder click reaction 2018 Express Polymer Letters
39 Koskela M.M., Brünje A., Ivanauskaite A., Grabsztunowicz M., Lassowskat I., Neumann U., Dinh T.V., Sindlinger J., Schwarzer D., Wirtz M., Tyystjärvi E., Finkemeier I., Mulo P. Chloroplast acetyltransferase NSI is required for state transitions in arabidopsis Thaliana 2018 Plant Cell
40 Perez-Sepulveda B., Pitt F., N'Guyen A.N., Ratin M., Garczarek L., Millard A., Scanlan D.J. Relative stability of ploidy in a marine Synechococcus across various growth conditions 2018 Environmental Microbiology Reports
41 Trinh P.T.N., An N.H., An P.N., Tri M.D., Du C.V., Minh P.N., Thuy N.T.L., Tuan N.T., Thoa V.T.K., Tuan N.N., Dung L.T. A new benzofuran derivative from the leaves of Ficus pumila L. 2018 Natural Product Research
42 Dereven'kov I.A., Makarov S.V., Bui Thi T.T., Makarova A.S., Koifman O.I. Studies on the Reduction of Dehydroascorbic Acid by Glutathione in the Presence of Aquahydroxocobinamide 2018 European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry
43 Phan N.T.T. Effective EFL instruction in the Vietnamese Context: From beliefs to actual classroom practices 2018 International Journal of Instruction
44 Nguyen Tan L. Distributed optimal control for nonholonomic systems with input constraints and uncertain interconnections 2018 Nonlinear Dynamics
45 Tan L.N. Omnidirectional-Vision-Based Distributed Optimal Tracking Control for Mobile Multirobot Systems With Kinematic and Dynamic Disturbance Rejection 2018 IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics
46 Zsom T., Strohmayer E., Le Nguyen L.P., Hitka G., Zsom-Muha V. Chilling injury investigation by nondestructive measuring methods during banana cold storage 2018 Progress in Agricultural Engineering Sciences
47 Le Nguyen L.P., Horváth V., Dam M.S., Hitka G., Zsom T., Kókai Z. Effect of 1-MCP, ethylene absorber and ozone on melon quality during storage 2018 Progress in Agricultural Engineering Sciences
48 Ta D.N., Nguyen H.K.D., Trinh B.X., Le Q.T.N., Ta H.N., Nguyen H.T. Preparation of nano-ZIF-8 in methanol with high yield 2018 Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering
49 Tran H.Q., Van Phan C., Vien Q.-T. An overview of 5G technologies 2018 Emerging Wireless Communication and Network Technologies: Principle, Paradigm and Performance
50 Nguyen H.V. A novel 22 Gbit/s 64 QAM direct-detection OFDM ROF system employing cost-effective optical filter FBG to generate optical mm-wave 2018 Journal of Optics (India)
51 Van Quang N., Son D.T., Son L.H. Some Kinds of Uniform Integrability and Laws of Large Numbers in Noncommutative Probability 2018 Journal of Theoretical Probability
52 Nguyen H.-N., Dang H.-P., Le S.-P., Le T.-D., Do D.-T., Voznak M., Zdralek J. Enabling D2D transmission mode with energy harvesting and information transfer in heterogeneous networks 2018 Advances in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
53 Doan B.Q., Liu G., Xu C., Chau M.Q. An Efficient Approach for Reliability-Based Design Optimization Combined Sequential Optimization with Approximate Models 2018 International Journal of Computational Methods
54 Siang T.J., Pham T.L.M., Cuong N.V., Phuong P.T.T., Phuc N.H.H., Truong Q.D., Vo D.-V.N. Combined steam and CO 2 reforming of methane for syngas production over carbon-resistant boron-promoted Ni/SBA-15 catalysts 2018 Microporous and Mesoporous Materials
55 Nguyen V.T.A., Le T.D., Phan H.N., Tran L.B. Isolating free fatty acids from virgin coconut oil using lipases from different sources 2018 Jurnal Teknologi
56 Nguyen B.T., Do T.K., Tran T.V., Dang M.K., Dell C.J., Luu P.V., Vo Q.T.K. High soil Mn and Al, as well as low leaf P concentration, may explain for low natural rubber productivity on a tropical acid soil in Vietnam 2018 Journal of Plant Nutrition
57 Le T., Cao D.K., Pham T.V., Huynh T.D., Ta N.T.A., Nguyen N.T.L., Nguyen H.T., Le H.H., Bui A.V., Truong D.-H. Changes in total phenol, flavonoid contents and anti- Lactobacillus activity of Callisia fragrans due to extraction solvent 2018 AIP Conference Proceedings
58 Nguyen N.V., Nguyen C.H., Hoang H.P., Huong K.T. Performance of Single Friction Pendulum bearing for isolated buildings subjected to seismic actions in Vietnam 2018 IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science
59 Duc L.A., Li K., Nguyen T.T., Yen V.M., Truong T.K. A new effective operator for the hybrid algorithm for solving global optimisation problems 2018 International Journal of Systems Science
60 Luy N.T. Distributed cooperative H∞ optimal tracking control of MIMO nonlinear multi-agent systems in strict-feedback form via adaptive dynamic programming 2018 International Journal of Control
61 Belisle C., Phan U.T.X., Adhikari K., Chavez D.J. A fruit quality survey of peach cultivars grown in the Southeastern United States 2018 HortTechnology
62 Bujna E., Farkas N.A., Tran A.M., Dam M.S., Nguyen Q.D. Lactic acid fermentation of apricot juice by mono- and mixed cultures of probiotic Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains 2018 Food Science and Biotechnology
63 Tu L.N., Van Tan L., Chien N.X. Simultaneous spectrophotometric determination of Cu(II) and Co(II) using 5-bromosalicylaldehyde thiosemicarbazone by partial least squares regression method 2018 Rasayan Journal of Chemistry
64 Nguyen H.K.D., Dang T.H., Nguyen N.L.T., Nguyen H.T., Dinh N.T. Novel Ni-Ga alloy based catalyst for converting CO2 to methanol 2018 Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering
65 Long N.T., Nguyen T.-L. Sustainable development of rural tourism in an Giang Province, Vietnam 2018 Sustainability (Switzerland)
66 Nguyen H.N., Pham L.X. The relationship between country-of-origin image, corporate reputation, corporate social responsibility, trust and customers’ purchase intention: Evidence from Vietnam 2018 Journal of Applied Economic Sciences
67 Thu’o’ng N.H., Sidorkin A.S., Milovidova S.D. Dispersion of Dielectric Permittivity in a Nanocrystalline Cellulose–Triglycine Sulfate Composite at Low and Ultralow Frequencies 2018 Physics of the Solid State
68 Huy Anh H.P., Son N.N., Van Kien C. Adaptive Neural Compliant Force-Position Control of Serial PAM Robot 2018 Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems: Theory and Applications
69 Le V.T., Doan V.D., Nguyen D.D., Nguyen H.T., Ngo Q.P., Tran T.K.N., Le H.S. A Novel Cross-Linked Magnetic Hydroxyapatite/Chitosan Composite: Preparation, Characterization, and Application for Ni(II) Ion Removal from Aqueous Solution 2018 Water, Air, and Soil Pollution
70 Dao T.-P., Huang S.-C., Le Chau N. Robust parameter design for a compliant microgripper based on hybrid Taguchi-differential evolution algorithm 2018 Microsystem Technologies
71 Nguyen C.H., Macdonald J.H.G. Galloping analysis of a stay cable with an attached viscous damper considering complex modes 2018 Journal of Engineering Mechanics
72 Son N.N., Anh H.P.H., Chau T.D. Adaptive neural model optimized by modified differential evolution for identifying 5-DOF robot manipulator dynamic system 2018 Soft Computing
73 Nguyen P.-B., Choi S.-B., Song B.-K. A new approach to hysteresis modelling for a piezoelectric actuator using Preisach model and recursive method with an application to open-loop position tracking control 2018 Sensors and Actuators, A: Physical
74 Thang L.V., Khoi D.N., Phi H.L. Impact of climate change on streamflow and water quality in the upper Dong Nai river basin, Vietnam 2018 Houille Blanche
75 Quoc L.P.T. Antimicrobial activity of preservatives in food technology 2018 Bulletin of the Transilvania University of Brasov, Series II: Forestry, Wood Industry, Agricultural Food Engineering
76 Le N.T.P., Tran T.N. Effect of viscous heat generation on temperature of rarefied gas microflows driven by moving surface 2018 Journal of Engineering Science and Technology
77 Nguyen V.T.T., Dang V.A., Tran N.T., Nguyen C.H., Vo D.H., Nguyen D.K., Nguyen N.L., Nguyen Q.L., Tieu T.L., Bui T.N., Tran T.B. An investigation on design innovation, fabrication and experiment of a soy bean peeling machine-scale 2018 International Journal of Engineering and Technology(UAE)
78 Nguyen N.S., Nguyen D.K. Parameter estimation of Pendubot model using modified differential evolution algorithm 2018 International Journal of Modelling and Simulation
79 Thi Nguyen H.-Y., Tran G.-B. Optimization of fermentation conditions and media for production of glucose isomerase from bacillus megaterium using response surface methodology 2018 Scientifica
80 Nguyen H. An Easy In-Service Optical IP Network System for Residential Complex, Employing 1550 nm-Band CWDM and Layer-3 Switch 2018 Journal of Optical Communications
81 Le P.T.Q., Pham M.H. The effects of ethephon on the ripening of carambola (Averrhoa carambola L.) 2018 International Food Research Journal
82 Hoang T.P. Factors affecting service quality at Vietnamese retail banks 2018 Banks and Bank Systems
83 Do D.-T. Performance analysis in wireless powered D2D-Aided non-orthogonal multiple access networks 2018 International Journal of Communication Networks and Information Security
84 Tran G.-B., Dam S.-M., Le N.-T.T. Amelioration of Single Clove Black Garlic Aqueous Extract on Dyslipidemia and Hepatitis in Chronic Carbon Tetrachloride Intoxicated Swiss Albino Mice 2018 International Journal of Hepatology
85 Tran G.-B., Le N.-T.T., Dam S.-M. Potential use of essential oil isolated from cleistocalyx operculatus leaves as a topical dermatological agent for treatment of burn wound 2018 Dermatology Research and Practice
86 Nguyen C.H. Numerical modelling of the aeroelastic response of irregular slender structures 2018 Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering
87 Pham N.T., Nguyen D.P., Nguyen K.H. An improved neural network SC_MRAS speed observer in sensorless control for six phase induction drives 2018 WSEAS Transactions on Systems and Control
88 Quoc L.P.T., Van Muoi N. Phytochemical screening and antimicrobial activity of polyphenols extract from Polygonum multiflorum Thunb. root 2018 Carpathian Journal of Food Science and Technology
89 Thi N.B.D., Tuan N.T., Thi N.H.H. Assessment of food waste management in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: Current status and perspective 2018 International Journal of Environment and Waste Management
90 Van Muoi N., Quoc L.P.T. The shelf-life of total polyphenol content and the antioxidant capacity of the polygonum multiflorum (Thunb.) root extract and its spray dried powder according to the Q10 method 2018 Bulletin of the Transilvania University of Brasov, Series II: Forestry, Wood Industry, Agricultural Food Engineering
91 Quoc L.P.T., Van Muoi N. Physicochemical properties of polygonum multiflorum thunb. Root powder produced with different carrier agents [Fizičko-hemijske osobine praha korena polygonum multiflorum thunb. Proizvedenog sa različitim nosačima] 2018 Chemical Industry and Chemical Engineering Quarterly
92 Huynh X.-K., Kim B.-W., Kim J.-S. Fabrication of Fe-TiB2 nanocomposites by spark-plasma sintering of a (FeB, TiH2) powder mixture 2018 Archives of Metallurgy and Materials
93 Nguyen Q.H., Do H.M.H., Nguyen V.Q., Nguyen N.D., Le D.T. Development of magneto-rheologial fluid (MRF) based clutch for output torque control of AC motors 2018 Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering
94 Quoc L.P.T., Muoi N.V. Ultrasound-assisted extraction of phenolic compounds from Polygonum Multiflorum Thunb. Roots 2018 Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
95 Nguyen T.A.V., Le T.D., Phan H.N., Tran L.B. Hydrolysis Activity of Virgin Coconut Oil Using Lipase from Different Sources 2018 Scientifica
96 Pham P., Do P., Ta C.D.C. W-PathSim: Novel Approach of Weighted Similarity Measure in Content-Based Heterogeneous Information Networks by Applying LDA Topic Modeling 2018 Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics)
97 Pham P., Do P., Ta C.D.C. GOW-LDA: Applying Term Co-occurrence Graph Representation in LDA Topic Models Improvement 2018 Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
98 Diep T.B., Le H.D., Van Vo C., Nguyen H.Q. Performance evaluation of a 2D-haptic joystick featuring bidirectional magneto-rheological actuators 2018 Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering
99 Khoi B.H., Van Tuan N. Using SmartPLS 3.0 to analyse internet service quality in Vietnam 2018 Studies in Computational Intelligence
100 Nguyen V.D., Styevkó G., Ta L.P., Tran A.T.M., Bujna E., Orbán P., Dam M.S., Nguyen Q.D. Immobilization and some properties of commercial enzyme preparation for production of lactulose-based oligosaccharides 2018 Food and Bioproducts Processing
101 Pham N.T., Nguyen D.P., Nguyen K.H., Van Nguyen N. A novel Neural Network SC_MRAS based observer for high-performance SPIM drives 2018 International Journal of Intelligent Engineering and Systems
102 Le Chau N., Dao T.-P., Tien Nguyen V.T. An efficient hybrid approach of finite element method, artificial neural network-based multiobjective genetic algorithm for computational optimization of a linear compliant mechanism of nanoindentation tester 2018 Mathematical Problems in Engineering
103 Tin P.T., Vu L.A., Nhan N.H.K., Tran M., Trang T.T. Improving CQS, CRI and LO of the 5600K RP-WLEDs by red-emitting conversion phosphor 2018 International Journal of Automation and Smart Technology
104 Nguyen T.Q., Long N.T., Nguyen T.-L. Impacts of corporate social responsibility on the competitiveness of tourist enterprises: An empirical case of Ben Tre, Vietnam 2018 Tourism Economics
105 Tukumova N.V., Usacheva T.R., Thuan T.T.D., Sharnin V.A., Giancola C. УСТОЙЧИВОСТЬ КООРДИНАЦИОННЫХ СОЕДИНЕНИЙ ИОНОВ НЕКОТОРЫХ d-МЕТАЛЛОВ С АНИОНОМ ЯНТАРНОЙ КИСЛОТЫ В ВОДНО-ЭТАНОЛЬНЫХ РАСТВОРИТЕЛЯХ 2018 Izvestiya Vysshikh Uchebnykh Zavedenii, Seriya Khimiya i Khimicheskaya Tekhnologiya
106 Pham N.T., Nguyen D.P., Nguyen K.H., Nguyen N.V. New version of adaptive speed observer based on neural network for SPIM 2018 International Journal of Power Electronics and Drive Systems
107 Tin P.T., Minh T.H.Q., Nhan N.H.K., Trang T.T. Effect of Green-emitting CaF2: Ce3+,Tb3+ phosphor concentration on the correlated color temperature deviation and the lumen output of the 7700 K conformal packaging WLEDs 2018 International Journal of Automation and Smart Technology
108 Chau N.L., Dao T.-P., Nguyen V.T.T. Optimal Design of a Dragonfly-Inspired Compliant Joint for Camera Positioning System of Nanoindentation Tester Based on a Hybrid Integration of Jaya-ANFIS 2018 Mathematical Problems in Engineering
109 Hoang A.T., Chau M.Q. A mini review of using oleophilic skimmers for oil spill recovery 2018 Journal of Mechanical Engineering Research and Developments
110 Tin P.T., Khanh Nhan N.H., Quang Minh T.H., Thi Phuong Thao N. Red-emitting Ba2Si5N8Eu2+ conversion phosphor: A new selection for enhancing the optical performance of the in-cup packaging MCW-LEDs 2018 Cogent Engineering
111 Kang T., Yao J., Jin M., Yang S., Duong T. A novel improved cuckoo search algorithm for parameter estimation of photovoltaic (PV) models 2018 Energies
112 Le-Xuan D., Pham-Quoc H., Tran-The V., Nguyen-Van N. Static and free vibration analysis of functionally graded shells using a cell-based smoothed discrete shear gap method and triangular elements 2018 Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering
113 Bui D.Q., Hoang V.L., Le H.D., Nguyen H.Q. Design and evaluation of a shear-mode MR damper for suspension system of front-loading washing machines 2018 Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering
114 Ngo T., Nguyen T.N.A., Le N.T.P., Pham D.C., Ngo N.D. Adaptive tracking control based on recurrent wavelet fuzzy CMAC for uncertain nonlinear systems 2018 International Journal of Control and Automation
115 Long L.T., Tan L.V., Boi V.N., Trung T.S. Antifungal activity of water-soluble chitosan against Colletotrichum capsici in postharvest chili pepper 2018 Journal of Food Processing and Preservation
116 Kim S.-Y., Tuan K.N., Lee J.D., Pham H., Luu V.T. Cost overrun factor analysis for hospital projects in Vietnam 2018 KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering
117 Ho-Huu V., Nguyen-Thoi T., Truong-Khac T., Le-Anh L., Vo-Duy T. An improved differential evolution based on roulette wheel selection for shape and size optimization of truss structures with frequency constraints 2018 Neural Computing and Applications
118 Tin P.T., Nhan N.H.K., Minh T.H.Q., Nguyen T.N., Voznak M., Trang T.T. Sr 2 Si 5 N 8 :Eu 2+ phosphor: A novel recommendation for improving the lighting performance of the 7000 K remote-packaging white LEDs [Sr 2 Si 5 N 8 :Eu 2+ fosfoor: Uudne soovitus 7000 K kaugpakendatud valge valgusdioodi (WLED) valgustamisomaduste täiust 2018 Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences
119 Nguyen N.D., Nguyen S.D., Nguyen N.T., Nguyen Q.H. Development of a haptic telemanipulator system based on MR brakes and estimated torques of AC servo motors 2018 Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
120 Pham-Tien D., Pham-Quoc H., Tran-The V., Vu-Khac T., Nguyen-Van N. Transient analysis of laminated composite shells using an edge-based smoothed finite element method 2018 Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering
121 Diep N.N., Nguyen-Xuan H., Tuyen N.N., Hung N.Q. Development of a 3-DOF haptic tele-manipulator system using magnetorheological brakes 2018 Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering
122 Nguyen S.N., Ho-Huu V., Ho A.P.H. A neural differential evolution identification approach to nonlinear systems and modelling of shape memory alloy actuator 2018 Asian Journal of Control
123 Nam P.M., Do D.-T., Tung N.T., Tin P.T. Energy harvesting assisted cognitive radio: random location-based transceivers scheme and performance analysis 2018 Telecommunication Systems
124 Wang T., Nha Tran T.T., Andreazza H.J., Bilusich D., Brinkworth C.S., Bowie J.H. Negative ion cleavages of (M–H) − anions of peptides. Part 3. Post-translational modifications 2018 Mass Spectrometry Reviews
125 Le Chau N., Nguyen M.-Q., Dao T.-P., Huang S.-C., Hsiao T.-C., Dinh-Cong D., Dang V.A. An effective approach of adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system-integrated teaching learning-based optimization for use in machining optimization of S45C CNC turning 2018 Optimization and Engineering
126 Tran N.M.A., Do T.H.T., Truong L.H., Le D.T., Phan M.N., Pham N.K.T., Mai D.T., Nguyen T.P. Acridone alkaloids from the rhizomes of Luvunga scandens (Roxb.) Buch. Ham. 2018 Natural Product Research
127 Ho N.L., Dao T.-P., Le Chau N., Huang S.-C. Multi-objective optimization design of a compliant microgripper based on hybrid teaching learning-based optimization algorithm 2018 Microsystem Technologies
128 Dao T.-T.T., Nguyen N.-L., Nguyen H.-N., Le S.-P., Do D.-T., Nguyen Q., Voznak M., Sevcik L., Zdralek J. Exploiting secure performance of full-duplex decode and forward in optimal relay selection networks 2018 Elektronika ir Elektrotechnika
129 Le V.T., Tran T.K.N., Tran D.L., Le H.S., Doan V.D., Bui Q.D., Nguyen H.T. One-pot synthesis of a novel magnetic activated carbon/clay composite for removal of heavy metals from aqueous solution 2018 Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology
130 Sam T.T., Khoi D.N., Thao N.T.T., Nhi P.T.T., Quan N.T., Hoan N.X., Nguyen V.T. Impact of climate change on meteorological, hydrological and agricultural droughts in the Lower Mekong River Basin: a case study of the Srepok Basin, Vietnam 2018 Water and Environment Journal